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Why You Should Consider CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Certification

There are many entry-level IT certifications to take from. The explanation for identifying which entry-level certification to earn is required a lot of your understanding and skill set. If you have just passed out from community college and want to join the workforce in the PC repair business and have six months of hands-on experience, then the CompTIA A+ is a perfect entry-level certification to obtain. The deciding factor for which certification you should earn is 100% based on your experience with the technology — and a passion for entering the career field based on that technology.

Some people do not like to be experts and only direct their potency on one technology; that is an absolutely acceptable decision, and there are many entry-level certifications based on general information technology.

CompTIA has generated some very respected certifications such as the Security+, Network+ and A+ tracks. Here in this article, we will focus on CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (ITF+) certification. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the ITF+ cert and see how it can be beneficial for your career.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Exam Details

The ITF+ cert was developed in October of 2014 as a means of examining one’s understanding in basic IT terminology, basic hardware/software features, concepts, and security. The certification is very basic-level and does not emphasize deeply into a particular area. Within the ITF+ exam syllabus there are six domains that are covered (plus a percentage of the exam):

1. IT Concepts and Terminology (17%)

2. Infrastructure (22%)

3. Applications and Software (18%)

4. Software Development (12%)

5. Database Fundamentals (11%)

6. Security (20%)

The ITF+ FCO-U61 exam comprised of 75 multiple choice questions which you will have 60 minutes to answer. No prior experience is required to take the exam, and there is no training prerequisite. The minimum passing score is 650 on a scale of 900.

Why You Should Consider CompTIA IT Fundamentlas+ Certification

As stated by the International Data Corporation (IDC), there is a significant skills gap between what is required for most IT positions, and the skills that IT professionals have. It is expected that this skill gap could adversely affect the performance of 90% of all organizations by 2020.

To fill this skills gap, certifications are extremely beneficial for employees to develop knowledge and practical skills to be practiced in the workplace. Organizations can perceive IT Fundamentals+ certification valuable. Organizations encourage their employees to qualify and pass this exam not only to increase job performance but possibly decrease common security risks by giving employees a basic understanding of security fundamentals and best practices.

For aspiring IT professionals, developing a solid knowledge infrastructure before moving onto most developed IT skills is essential. This is where the real value of IT Fundamentals+ certification stands for most likely IT professionals, as ITF+ is prominent at building a basic knowledge base and often works as a starting point for moving forward to more advanced-level certifications. The exam includes Software, hardware, security, networking, and basic IT knowledge. Many aspiring professionals move forward to other certifications in the CompTIA career path that present more profound knowledge of these topics, such as A+, Network+ for network administrators, or security + for security professionals.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ can support professionals in non-technical fields to increase their digital skills, to work toward these mid-level and high-level jobs. Professionals can also find benefit in the IT Fundamentals+ certification when the skills that the exam includes can be applied in their present job. For example, professionals who work in sales or marketing at an IT company could benefit from the relevant IT knowledge that IT Fundamentals+ gives.

Explore Countless Career Opportunities with CompTIA Certification

As this exam gives practical knowledge that can be practiced in any environment where a computer is regularly in use. For instance, this knowledge could be utilized in a home setting to help users better their personal computers and networks.


Professionals and employers accept that earning a certification is a great way to stay ahead and stand out from the mass in the IT field, so it’s recommended that the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ certification can be beneficial in some companies and employment areas. That said, obtaining the certification can work as a first move acknowledging that you want to enter in the IT field using the current CompTIA certification path which goes towards other certifications like the CompTIA A+ that is more high-level and suitable for experienced professionals than the IT Fundamentals+, but it can also be utilized as a stand-alone career-advancement option for many non-technical experts.

For entry-level employees and young professionals, the importance of CompTIA ITF+ certification in the job market can be notable.

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